Hotel Action Shots

Vegas Hotel Action Shots

Starting as low as $145.00 for up to 30 minutes on site. (Includes all editing and retouching).

$210.00 up to 1 hour / $295.00 up to 1.5 hours / $345.00 up to 2 hours

$395 up to 2.5 hours / $475.00 up to 3 hours / $540.00 up to 3.5 hours / $595.00 up to 4 hours

(Extended hourly pricing in blocks of 30 minute increments also available).

Whether you seek a photographer to meet you at your hotel suite for an after ceremony toast, or simply take pictures in and around your spacious Las Vegas hotel for fun, this can be arranged at a very low price!

Please contact me directly for further information @ 702-433-3659 or please fill out my “event planning form”. All hourly on location rates include capture, processing, editing, sizing, image enhancements, and zip file download as part of your package.

Group pricing also available!

I offer some of the very best photo service deals in town!

Please check out some of my photo samples:

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