Why Hire A Pro Photographer

Why hire a pro photographer:

  • 1. Pro high end gear to include EOS digital camera bodies, top specialty lenses, strobe flash units for stellar lighting, back up gear, and the very best image editing software.
  • 2. A hired professional must take on the responsibility of being on time, organizing and posing guests, to capture (even in low lit settings), to parse through all random images of the day, and to engage in lengthy and meticulous editing and retouching of each master image.
  • 3. Photographer must meet time guidelines previously agreed upon within the photo services agreement.
  • 4. You hire a pro for their very unique style, eye, creativity and expertise.
  • 5. You hire a professional in order to make sure that you hold the “personal licensing rights” to use the images per your written agreement.
  • 6. You hire a pro in order to allow those guests in your party to relax and enjoy themselves at your event and not worry about “working the room”.
  • 7. You hire a pro because you want the very best possible “high resolution” images, to include post production, sizing, rotating of vertical shots, and various texturing options.
  • 8. You hire a pro because he/she will more than likely offer various image distribution options like slide-show presentations, downloads etc. for family and guests.
  • 9. You hire a pro for his/her digital graphics capabilities to include light air brushing techniques, color and contrast adjustments, blemish removal , image sharpening, layering and more.
  • 10. If visiting or getting married in Las Vegas your photographer can share with you some of the very best spots for outdoor specialty photo ops.