Precision Photo Editing

Precision photo editing.

When you hire a professional digital photographer you not only expect his/her ability to capture amazing split second moments, but you also expect “out of the ordinary, precision digital editing” to make your pictures pop!

Digital editing is also a very important part of the over-all service. Some photographers just take some quick shots and hand you the unedited images on a disc, unfortunately they simply want to get paid and off they go. I don’t personally work that way. After I capture the images I then download all of them to my hard-drive and then very carefully review each and every picture looking for the very best, most flattering imagery. I then take my time adjusting the contrast, brightness and color. I also size, rotate and adjust the sharpness, and if needed lightly air brush at no extra charge. In fact all of my photo packages include not only the on-site or studio capture, but all of the hours and hours of digital editing on the back end that truly enhance each individual picture.

I do not “batch edit”, in other words I do not download all of your images into my computer and then press a button hoping each image will come out OK. I personally adjust each image according to what that specific image may need in terms of color, contrast, sharpness and texture.

Each photographer has a different way of creating a picture, that’s what makes photography such a fascinating art form. That said, it is important to take a good look at each artists work and style. After all, you are paying a photographer for his/her special talent, unique eye, and ability to produce amazing “high resolution” images.