Vegas Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks.

Vegas Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks.

1. Wedding chapels are known to charge big bucks for each image whether in print form or in digital form. Rumor has it that a wedding couple can pay up to $95.00 for one license free image. (My average high resolution digital image price is only $5.00).

My suggestion: Order a smaller photo package from the chapel and then splurge on “after ceremony pictures” that can be captured with your very own personal photographer either at a private function like a reception venue, maybe back at your hotel suite or pool area, at a local park or scenic area, or several popular locations like Red Rock, Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, The Neon Sign Museum, The Old Boulder City Train Station, The Henderson Foothills, and The Las Vegas Sign just to name a few.

2. Want to cruise the strip while your very own photographer snaps shots all along the way?

Great idea, but be careful who you choose as your Vegas tour photographer!

My suggestion: I started shooting these “photo-strip tours” years ago. I actually started my photo service back in 2009, and these photo-strip tours have really gained popularity ever since. A few things to watch out for however: 1. There are a few local photography companies that promise a cheap “photo-tour package” at a ridiculous price because they pick you up in their own family car, truck, or other jalopy that may or may not be actually licensed or properly insured as a “commercial vehicle”. So be careful and ask if they are actually licensed and insured “commercially.

I do not pick you up in questionable family owned vehicle, I actually have access to a fleet of beautiful stretch limousines and/or bus coaches driven by professional licensed and insured drivers to get you and your guests to each location and back safe and sound. My photo strip tour pricing includes all transportation costs which is one of the very best deals in town.

3. Where are the best location spots for capturing great shots in Las Vegas?

Some of the above mentioned spots are really beautiful, but there are so many more…

My suggestion: What I look for when I scout out locations, is not just a profoundly stunning background, (because in Las Vegas that’s fairly easy to find especially if you’re a local and know where to go), but as an on-site photographer I always need to also consider the following as well:

How far is the walk to the very front of the hotel/landmark from the parking garage? Do I need to pay for parking? If so, how much is it? If you are in your own car and want to park be prepared to walk at least 1/4 mile or more at some locations. (Hiring a taxi or other transportation is best for hotel hopping). Is this particular hotel or Vegas landmark “friendly towards photographers”, in other words is the staff and security friendly and welcoming to photographers and wedding guests that want random pictures taken? Is there a fee to get in (like at the Neon Sign Museum)? If so how much does it cost? Is there a certain designated area at this venue whereby large group shots can be taken? Will the location be overly crowded with tourists? These are only some of the questions I would be more than happy to answer for you! Please contact me anytime to chat and thanks for reading my post!  702-433-3659