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Why Hire A Pro Photographer

Why hire a pro photographer:

  • 1. Pro high end gear to include EOS digital camera bodies, top specialty lenses, strobe flash units for stellar lighting, back up gear, and the very best image editing software.
  • 2. A hired professional must take on the responsibility of being on time, organizing and posing guests, to capture (even in low lit settings), to parse through all random images of the day, and to engage in lengthy and meticulous editing and retouching of each master image.
  • 3. Photographer must meet time guidelines previously agreed upon within the photo services agreement.
  • 4. You hire a pro for their very unique style, eye, creativity and expertise.
  • 5. You hire a professional in order to make sure that you hold the “personal licensing rights” to use the images per your written agreement.
  • 6. You hire a pro in order to allow those guests in your party to relax and enjoy themselves at your event and not worry about “working the room”.
  • 7. You hire a pro because you want the very best possible “high resolution” images, to include post production, sizing, rotating of vertical shots, and various texturing options.
  • 8. You hire a pro because he/she will more than likely offer various image distribution options like slide-show presentations, downloads etc. for family and guests.
  • 9. You hire a pro for his/her digital graphics capabilities to include light air brushing techniques, color and contrast adjustments, blemish removal , image sharpening, layering and more.
  • 10. If visiting or getting married in Las Vegas your photographer can share with you some of the very best spots for outdoor specialty photo ops.

Precision Photo Editing

Precision photo editing.

When you hire a professional digital photographer you not only expect his/her ability to capture amazing split second moments, but you also expect “out of the ordinary, precision digital editing” to make your pictures pop!

Digital editing is also a very important part of the over-all service. Some photographers just take some quick shots and hand you the unedited images on a disc, unfortunately they simply want to get paid and off they go. I don’t personally work that way. After I capture the images I then download all of them to my hard-drive and then very carefully review each and every picture looking for the very best, most flattering imagery. I then take my time adjusting the contrast, brightness and color. I also size, rotate and adjust the sharpness, and if needed lightly air brush at no extra charge. In fact all of my photo packages include not only the on-site or studio capture, but all of the hours and hours of digital editing on the back end that truly enhance each individual picture.

I do not “batch edit”, in other words I do not download all of your images into my computer and then press a button hoping each image will come out OK. I personally adjust each image according to what that specific image may need in terms of color, contrast, sharpness and texture.

Each photographer has a different way of creating a picture, that’s what makes photography such a fascinating art form. That said, it is important to take a good look at each artists work and style. After all, you are paying a photographer for his/her special talent, unique eye, and ability to produce amazing “high resolution” images.

Las Vegas Hotels

I have been asked by some of my clients which Las Vegas hotels I like the very best? And I say, well, it really depends on if you plan on staying there as an overnight guest, or just want to visit and have fun for a few hours. If you are seeking a really nice, clean, classy hotel to stay in I would highly recommend the following: The Bellagio, The Venetian, The Monte Carlo, Caesars Palace, The Aria, The Cosmopolitan, The Encore, The Wynn, The Luxor, and one of my very favorite the “Vdara” which sits a few blocks off of the strip. I have also enclosed within this blog a video I hope you will like titled ” Cruising The Las Vegas Strip” which I found fascinating. Please keep me in mind for any of your on-site photography needs while here in Las Vegas. Please check out the video below:

“Cruising The Las Vegas Strip”:

List of Las Vegas Strip Hotels:

Vegas Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks.

Vegas Wedding Photography Tips and Tricks.

1. Wedding chapels are known to charge big bucks for each image whether in print form or in digital form. Rumor has it that a wedding couple can pay up to $95.00 for one license free image. (My average high resolution digital image price is only $5.00).

My suggestion: Order a smaller photo package from the chapel and then splurge on “after ceremony pictures” that can be captured with your very own personal photographer either at a private function like a reception venue, maybe back at your hotel suite or pool area, at a local park or scenic area, or several popular locations like Red Rock, Lake Las Vegas, Lake Mead, The Neon Sign Museum, The Old Boulder City Train Station, The Henderson Foothills, and The Las Vegas Sign just to name a few.

2. Want to cruise the strip while your very own photographer snaps shots all along the way?

Great idea, but be careful who you choose as your Vegas tour photographer!

My suggestion: I started shooting these “photo-strip tours” years ago. I actually started my photo service back in 2009, and these photo-strip tours have really gained popularity ever since. A few things to watch out for however: 1. There are a few local photography companies that promise a cheap “photo-tour package” at a ridiculous price because they pick you up in their own family car, truck, or other jalopy that may or may not be actually licensed or properly insured as a “commercial vehicle”. So be careful and ask if they are actually licensed and insured “commercially.

I do not pick you up in questionable family owned vehicle, I actually have access to a fleet of beautiful stretch limousines and/or bus coaches driven by professional licensed and insured drivers to get you and your guests to each location and back safe and sound. My photo strip tour pricing includes all transportation costs which is one of the very best deals in town.

3. Where are the best location spots for capturing great shots in Las Vegas?

Some of the above mentioned spots are really beautiful, but there are so many more…

My suggestion: What I look for when I scout out locations, is not just a profoundly stunning background, (because in Las Vegas that’s fairly easy to find especially if you’re a local and know where to go), but as an on-site photographer I always need to also consider the following as well:

How far is the walk to the very front of the hotel/landmark from the parking garage? Do I need to pay for parking? If so, how much is it? If you are in your own car and want to park be prepared to walk at least 1/4 mile or more at some locations. (Hiring a taxi or other transportation is best for hotel hopping). Is this particular hotel or Vegas landmark “friendly towards photographers”, in other words is the staff and security friendly and welcoming to photographers and wedding guests that want random pictures taken? Is there a fee to get in (like at the Neon Sign Museum)? If so how much does it cost? Is there a certain designated area at this venue whereby large group shots can be taken? Will the location be overly crowded with tourists? These are only some of the questions I would be more than happy to answer for you! Please contact me anytime to chat and thanks for reading my post!  702-433-3659