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Vegas Strip Photographer!

Vegas Strip Photographer.

Shooting another special wedding event tonight at the Venetian. Checking batteries, lenses, camera bodies, memory cards, the wedding schedule, strobes and all. Then back to parse through, size, edit and process.  If you will be getting married soon or know someone that will be, here are a few websites that can help you plan for your special event and help you actually “save money”. Both of these wedding planning companies do not charge you a fee either! Here are the two sites I recommend: and also check them out and tell a friend!

Mike Graves captures another Vegas wedding.

Hi gang, freelance Vegas photographer Mike Graves here, well this has been a very busy month thank goodness and today I have a great opportunity to capture another after ceremony Vegas wedding couple at the Wynn Hotel and Casino. The Wynn is a beautiful hotel with an old time kind of Frank Sinatra rat pack feel if you haven’t been there yet you should check it out. I hear that the wedding chapel inside the hotel near the south side valet is awesome as well. I just hope that the wind stays calm. Have a great day!

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